This is the RuneScape Wiki Constitution. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The Wiki strives to be organized and neat, and that is what this Constitution emphasizes.

If you are new to the Wiki, please read this over before making an edit.

You will be given 10 Strikes. Strikes may get a 7-day ban from editing the Wiki, depending on the rule broken. After 10 Strikes, you will receive a permanent ban from editing the Wiki.

Other NotesEdit

  • Strikes may be appealed by a Bureaucrat.
  • Permanent Bans can be appealed, but some of those User's Editing Rights will be removed.
  • Users breaking a rule within 7 Days of account creation will not receive a strike, and will be simply reminded to reread the RuneScape Player Wiki Constitution.
  • Unregistered Users may edit, but it is recommended to Sign Up, so that User may be stereotyped less, and can get more rights.
  • Breaking a rule will not decrease the chance of getting greater rights.
  • Breaking a rule will not decrease the chance of becoming RuneScape Player Wiki Staff.

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